How to Prevent Common Springtime Pests

Springtime brings life, abundance, and beauty to the world after the long chill of winter, but it also brings with it a troublesome piece of the earth’s new awakening. And often, it requires you pull out that number of your good old local exterminator and give them a call.

Preventing springtime pests can be a hassle, but the benefits outweigh the extra effort. As pests emerge from the long winter and begin to breed, your home can become a disco dance floor for ants, beetles, spiders, and rodents, among others. Massachusetts rodent control efforts spike during this season, and mice and rats begin to quickly populate and expand their broods.

To prevent pests from raining on your springtime parade, employ these preventative measures to keep your warmer weather full of fun and relaxation.

  1. Check your trash cans. Check the lids of your trash and recycle cans, both those under your kitchen sink, and outside your home. Anywhere that there are food scraps can be invitations to pests. Rinsing out your garbage cans can also help prevent pests.
  2. Remove overgrown trees and shrubbery. Get out those shears and start pulling those overgrown weeds away from the foundation and roof of your home. Weeds, trees and bushes can both hide areas where pests can enter the home, and can also provide conduits to home entry. Rodents can climb trees and get onto the roof, where the winter may have left shingles out of place and potential entryways open.
  3. Maintain Your Home’s Exterior. Shrubs and trees can hide entryways into your home, but it’s also important not to just cut back foliage, but also to patch up any existing holes and cracks in the exterior of your home.  Check roofs, windows, and doorways to see make sure that your home is sealed and secured.
  4. Keep it clean. Another important part of preventing pests from entering your home, is keeping enticements out of reach. Take a spring-cleaning approach to your kitchen, pantry, attic, and basement and ensure that there aren’t scraps or broken bags of food lying around.

To avoid springtime pests in the Northeast such as New Hampshire, pest control is first in the hands of the homeowner. Take a good look at your home after winter’s long, lengthy toll, and make sure that it is clean, patched up, and that the home’s exterior is clear of debris.    

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