Ideas for Redesigning Your Kitchen: Incorporating Comfort

A comfortable kitchen is one that invites in friends and family, and makes cooking an enjoyable and social pastime. If you’re looking for a way to soften and warm up your kitchen décor, a Mexican, country, or rustic-style kitchen might be just the touch you need.

Mexican Kitchens

Mexican-themed kitchens are fun, bright, and inviting. Their rich colors are often placed on a light, earthy backdrop and accented with traditional art prints and handmade accessories. Mexican tile can be used boldly or sparingly and can be placed on almost any surface, including: walls, kitchen counters, backsplashes, floors, and table tops. Decorative tile can be chosen to create tile murals in backsplashes or to frame areas of the kitchen.

Mexican folk art is often over islands and kitchen tables to help guide the eye and bring some character and authenticity into the room. Hand-woven baskets, punched tin, and terra cotta pots also bring in a soft, traditional appeal.  

Country Kitchens

If you’re a fan of a simpler time and place, then a country kitchen may be for you. This style creates a casual, comfortable kitchen with vintage accessories and roughed up surfaces. Sturdy and lived-in, these kitchens exude a practical feel. Elements of a country kitchen often incorporate an air of simplicity and well-worn nostalgia. Distressed finishes, cracks, and whitewashed surfaces are all at home in a country kitchen. Floors made of old-fashioned hardwood planks not only bring in a country theme, but can hide blemishes and dirt.

Small country accents like roosters, cows, and old milk jugs can help bring in a countryside theme, while herbs and flowers placed on islands and windowsills invite the outdoors in.

Rustic Kitchens

Similar to a country kitchen, the rustic kitchen embraces rural living, rich wood furnishings and a touch of the “Old West.” Rustic kitchens are a throwback to cabin living and often bring in imagery of woodland creatures, livestock, or life on the range. Wrought iron is never a stranger in any rustic kitchen, and it often appears in the form of handles, hooks, and lighting pieces.

Cozy and comfortable, the antique knotty wood, chunky tables, butcher blocks, and cast iron cookware are all a popular type of accent in this type of comfortable kitchen. This log cabin style kitchen is sturdy, easy to maintain, resilient and great for entertaining.

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